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Chris Miree c_miree at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 09:47:26 CDT 2010

First off, I would like to thank
Sean Neilan for building the CSS to where it is now. I would like to thank our
officers Derek Schaefer, Devon Blandin, Igor Kovilishin, and Mark Lairs for
providing core support to the CSS throughout the year. I would like to give a
special shout out to Corey Ladd and Andrew Woodman for providing excellent
support to the CSS, Tony Zoko for providing sound quality guidance, and of
course the members of the DePaul Computer Science Society.

As many of you may know, I do
intend to continue development on the StarCraft AI next year, have joint
collaborations with many of the other CDM organizations, and focus on what the
members have a passion for. With that said, I would like to name Sean Neilan as
our Project Manager; Mr. Yeung and Mr. Kovalishin, fully supports this.

I’m also going to incorporate many
more lighting/tech talks, and host the same events we all care for. And talk
more about what it means to be a part of a professional organization, like the Association
for Computing Machinery.

I’m positive the CSS made the right
decision electing a five star Treasurer, and a brilliant Vice President. And
with your trust in me I’m confident I will be a great leader, listener, and
supporter of the CSS. Over the next couple of days, Joey & Igor will
collaborate on picking an Event Coordinator, Marketing Manager, and a couple of

Once again thank you all for your
support, and If you have any questions or concerns, please shoot me an e-mail!
President | CSS
Christopher L. Miree

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