[CSS_ACM_General_List] StarCraft Fix

Damien Radtke damienradtke at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 19:06:27 CST 2010

If anybody has tried to test their StarCraft API on the "fastest possible
map," you may have noticed that workers simply refuse to begin gathering
minerals. This is a map-specific bug that I believe is caused by the map
having only one (very large) crystal deposit, messing with the existing
API's definition of a "base." However, it's very easy to fix. In the file
Base.cpp (around line 6, in the constructor), change

this->active = false;


this->active = (BWTA::getStartLocation(BWAPI::Broodwar->self()) ==

Your workers should now begin to happily gather minerals.

To anyone who is interested, I have also been able to ditch visual studio
and use Vim to write my AI script, complete with build command and
code-completion (although there is still one small kink with that I would
like to get resolved, if possible). If anyone is interested I can send out a
small how-to.

Later, fellow technocrats.

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