[CSS_ACM_General_List] Derek Schaefer for President of CSS

Derek Schaefer derek.schaefer at gmail.com
Sat May 15 15:36:42 CDT 2010

Good afternoon everyone!

Traditionally, CSS officer candidates give semi-formal speeches
regarding their goals, direction and policies. I am not opposed to
doing this, and I am more than happy to answer questions from members
either in person or via the intarwebz, but as CSS moves into a new
era, I feel that the candidates should follow suite, so here I am,
politicing [sic] (v: to politic, non-existent word courtesy of Mark
Lozano) in your inbox!

First, I will provide my stances on a few of the most contentious issues:

=> Member Dues <=

There will be NO MEMBER DUES. This is case for several reasons,
including complications with ACM Student Chapter codes of conduct, and
outcries from the current members of CSS. So don't worry!

=> Academic vs _________ <=

In the past, we have drawn in many people by holding academic events;
programming contests, lectures by professionals (who bring job
offers!) and professors, etc. I would also like to resurrect the
lightning/tech talk concept, as I believe that if we were to hold such
informal events on a regular basis ("Tech Talk Tuesdays", for example)
we would be much more likely to grow as an organization, both in terms
of member count, and the dedication of the existing member base.

Now, that does NOT mean that I am in favor of turning the office into
a 24/7 programming-fest; hardly. I would love to do paintball, laser
tag, the end of the year bowling event, and other non-academic group
outings (camping, sporting events, etc.) through the year, and I will
make sure that these happen.

I know many members feel very strongly about this topic, so,
succinctly, I am NOT for turning CSS into a purely academic

=> Guest Policy <=

Members will be responsible for their guests (prospective members and
otherwise). You will essentially act as their de facto sponsor, being
their primary contact within the organization, helping to get them
involved, and that kind of thing. Also, that means if your guest
behaves inappropriately, it will be your responsibility to let them
know that they have crossed a boundary, but I don't think this is
likely to happen.

Additionally, if someone, of their own volition, wants to get
involved, someone should volunteer to be their sponsor.

Most importantly, I believe having a personal contact within the
organization will help ensure that potential members feel a connection
to CSS and will be more likely to become a full-fledged denizen.

=> Door Code and Office Policy <=

This is another big issue. I realize that not being able to enter the
office at any given time is alienating to many of the members, and I
understand your grievances. Thus, I propose setting stringent office
hours on a per-officer basis, so that the door will be open during
nearly all reasonable hours. NOTE: if this approach doesn't work
(officers can't be around enough to satisfy the members wishes, etc.)
then, most likely, all members of CSS will have access to the door
code. Members would be TRUSTED to not give the door code to non-CSS
folk, which has caused problems in the past, such as things being

I will be posting my views on additional issues as they come up in
questions, or as I think of them. So stay tuned!

If you have any questions regarding anything in this message, or other
topics, please don't hesitate to respond here, or in person.

Hope everyone has a great day!

-Derek Schaefer

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