[CSS_ACM_General_List] May 22nd CSS Progamming Contest

Chris Miree c_miree at yahoo.com
Mon May 17 15:56:46 CDT 2010

That's pretty impressive Alex! I'm sure you will be at the forefront of developing the world's first time machine ... or next cloning mechanism ... or something epic of the like.
But anyone is always welcomed no matter their skill level.

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Christopher L. Miree

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Don't make me do it to you dunny because I over do it so you won't confuse it with just computer programming. Imagine this, I know over 9 languages, inversion of control systems(spring), three different technologies dedicated to web development and the mvc architecture. I know every architectural pattern and the top 20 design patterns. I know how to build a lr parser ll parser. A c and c++ compiler. A webserver, a webservice, all the different uses of XML from xslt to soap. I know dynamic programming, network flow, greedy, divide and conquer and all the childish csc 321 and 421 algorithms. I know j2ee, asp, asp.net, JavaScript, vbscript, python, c#, vb.net, restful services, c, c++, OpenGL, directx, ruby, php, perl, and android sdk, iphone sdk, objective c so much more.  Have fun with that you guys. 
Alexander Wood
On May 17, 2010, at 3:43 PM, Chris Miree <c_miree at yahoo.com> wrote:

Greetings my fellow Technocrats,

Who is the best programmer at 
To settle this, CSS is organizing a 
programming contest on Saturday, May 22. The problems will be of the 
type given at ACM Programming Contests. You can practice, using an 
online judge, on the problems given at the 2009 Mid-Central USA Regional
 Programming Contest:


 contest will be a fun and relaxed venue to sharpen your developer 
skills. It will run from 12:30pm to 4:00pm in the 4th floor lab. Prizes 
will be awarded to the best, and food will be served to 
all. If you think you can join us, shoot me an e-mail at christophermiree at gmail.com

Interim President | CSS
Christopher L. Miree

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