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Tue May 18 19:34:07 CDT 2010

Hey everyone!

DePaul '08 alum Ankeet Mehta and his brother, a junior at DePaul, Ameet
Mehta just finished up their presentation of a new Facebook App called
ReDealMe <http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=249744138802> that
primarily allows students to trade, buy, and sell books within their campus
community. ReDealMe will be released to the DePaul community in June of this
year expanding to six universities in the Chicago area by August.

Here are some paid internship opportunities that are available now:

 - A PHP/FBML Developer to work on the ReDealMe Facebook Application

 - An ASP.NET C# Developer to work on a ReDealMe Internet Crawler

 - A Flash/ActionScript Developer to work on games for ReDealMe

While Ameet and Ankeet are looking for experienced developers, the passion
and ability to learn quickly is equally as important.

The ReDealMe team is on the fast-track to success. They already have two
successful advisors working with them and have lined up a handful of
investors. If successful in the Chicago market (which I am sure they will
be), expansion nationwide will likely follow in no time at all. If you're
interested in some valuable start-up development experience for the summer
please contact them soon! They're working quickly to hire the rest of their
team as quickly as possible. There is a lot to be down for their expansion
in August. Or if you're interested in helping out in other way! Or if you're
interested in the Chicago tech start-up scene! These are great guys to talk

Ankeet Mehta - ankeet at redeal.me
Ameet Mehta - ameet at redeal.me

Website: http://redeal.me/
Facebook App: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=249744138802
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ReDealme


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