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Wed May 26 18:32:44 CDT 2010

Hey everyone,

The CSS 2010 Election candidates list and voting window has been set. Polls
for the CSS 2010 election will be open for a week-long window between May
27th and June 3rd.

To submit your vote, please copy and paste the format below into a new
message to send to our staff advisor Anthony Zoko during the designated
voting window: azoko at cdm.depaul.edu
The subject should read: CSS Election Vote

At the bottom of this email is a list of all currently active members within
the CSS that are eligible to vote. If you are not on this list and think you
should be, please contact the current officers who will revisit your status.

Devon Blandin: dblandin at gmail.com
Igor Kovalishin: book8049 at yahoo.com
Mark Lozano: marklairs at yahoo.com
Chris Miree: c_miree at yahoo.com
Derek Schaefer: derek.schaefer at gmail.com



*Presidential Candidates: Devon Blandin / Derek Schaefer / Chris Miree*
*Vote for President:
*Vice Presidential Candidates: Joey Yeung / Mark Lozano / Damien Radtke*
*Vote for Vice President:*

*Treasurer Cadidates: Igor Kovalishin*
*Vote for Treasurer:*


*Eligible to Vote:*
Ahmed Al Sanousi
Andrew Jakobsze
Andrew Woodman
Ari Northage-Orr
Chris Miree
Christina Lin Yang
Corey Ladd
Cresten St. Clair
Damien Radtke
Davood Dehnavifar
Derek Schaefer
Devon Blandin
Evan Wosar
Igor Kovalishin
Joey Yeung
Mark Loz
Michael Yeung
Michal Kubas
Naveed Nooruddin
Nick Anderson
Nyse Van
Peter Tabatt
Sean Neilan
Tyler Breland


Computer Science Society
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