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Devon Blandin dblandin at gmail.com
Thu May 27 08:04:42 CDT 2010

I met the Computer Science Society's former president Sean Neilan at a
Chicago Facebook Developer Garage in February of 2009. I remember one of the
presenters touching on how Chicago's tech scene is growing but is still very
small compared to San Francisco, Mountain View, and the rest of Silicon
Valley. Then, off to the side of the room, I hear this nerd shout out,
"Computer Science is thriving at DePaul's Computer Science Society!" After
approaching and talking with Sean that evening and joining the organization
soon thereafter, I became deeply committed to the organization, its members,
and its role within the College of Computing and Digital Media.

I have held the official role as Marketing Coordinator for this past school
year and have seen up-close why the Computer Science Society has so much
potential. This official role of advertising and marketing had been inactive
for quite some time before I arrived. After signing on, I created
sent out emails, created and maintained our Facebook
<http://facebook.com/depaulcssacm>and Twitter
<http://twitter.com/depaulcssacm>accounts, and through
these channels, advertised the projects and events hosted by the
organization. I feel that this public reemergence greatly contributed to the
thriving active state the organization is in today by not only reengaging
members but by also generating interest in those not yet introduced to the
organization. Beyond my role as Marketing Coordinator, I also took it upon
myself to optimize the office as best I could. I led a rearrangement of
office furniture and tech which resulted in a more effective social and
academic space (see the
and I made sure all necessary programs were installed on office computers.

The Computer Science Society has a lot of potential to become a larger
presence within CDM. I imagine an updated website with information about our
officers and members, job-boards, and student-led project
submission/info/participation access. I imagine co-hosted events with
DeFrag, ACM-W, Sec-Deamons, Digital Divas, and other tech organizations on
campus. I imagine more tech talks with student, faculty, and visiting
speakers. I imagine getting our name out to more campus publications
(Newsline, DePaulia, Radio DePaul, CDM website and projectors). I imagine
the CSS being a social and academic hub for all tech majors within the

What do you imagine? I am committed to pushing the Computer Science Society
towards its full potential. As President, through organization, outreach,
and advertising, I would help us get there.

Thank you for your support,

Devon Blandin
Marketing Coordinator (Presidential Candidate) | CSS
dblandin at gmail.com
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