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Zoko, Anthony azoko at cdm.depaul.edu
Mon May 2 14:19:13 CDT 2011

The UNIX servers at DePaul are being phased out.
CDM offers linux accounts for specific classes only.
You can try calling the TSC (312-362-8765) to see if they still give students web space on Unix boxes.
Hope that helps.

Anthony Zoko
Software Development Manager/ Architect
DePaul University
College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) http://www.cdm.depaul.edu

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1) Are Unix accounts on Condor?

2) Is everyone allowed a Unix account or do you have to be in a class for permission to have one?

3) If everyone is allowed a Unix account, I tried to get one at the Loop campus ID center to no avail.


Isaias Sifuentes
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