[Intstuds10] Call for Applications: Across Borders: Managing Trans-Boundary Environmental Resources in the Middle East and the United States

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I am co-director of a US State Department-funded opportunity to visit
Israel, West Bank, Jordan and Egypt next summer to study environmental
issues, particularly those related to trans-boundary water management.
It is an inter-disciplinary program designed for early-career
professionals (including academics), all expenses paid, and a fabulous
opportunity for learning and professional development.

If there are alumni of your programs or other contacts working in
politics and policy, media, industry or the academy who might be
interested, please draw this to their attention. I regret it is
limited to US citizens only.

The deadline for applications is only a few weeks away, but we are
likely to have a little flexibility, particularly if I get a heads-up
from you that you are encouraging someone in particular to apply.



Ed Webb

Assistant Professor,
Political Science & International Studies,
Dickinson College

Member, NITLE Advisory Board

"Across Borders: Managing Trans-Boundary Environmental Resources in
the Middle East and the United States" is an international exchange
program for Emerging Professionals (EPs), sponsored by the US
Department of State's office of Citizen Exchanges. This highly
selective, 4-week study-abroad program is designed to foster a
substantive understanding of how environmental, economic, social and
political factors converge to influence policy and practice in the
management of trans-boundary environmental resources, with a
particular focus on the Middle East and United States. An
interdisciplinary program of study, combined with site visits,
experiential learning and skill building activities will form the
basis of the institute. Participants will work together to complete
interdisciplinary group projects on program themes.

Applications are invited for the "Across Borders" Summer 2011 session,
which will be hosted by the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
(AIES) in Israel in partnership with Dickinson College. Focusing on
the Negev Desert, Jordan River Valley and Red Sea as areas where
competition for scarce resources is entangled with a complex political
environment, this program will allow EPs from the United States to
examine and evaluate connections between environment and security in
the region and at home, and to consider the contributions that
environmental studies, economics, history, political science and
policy studies can offer to resolving these issues effectively and

Emerging Professionals, including both early career academics and
practitioners and public servants in the areas of environmental
studies and environmental management, policy studies, international
affairs and government, as well as EPs from the military and the
media, are invited to apply.

All participants selected will receive full funding for the program,
including travel, housing, meals, books and materials, limited
sickness and accident benefits coverage, and visa processing. This
project is funded by the Fulbright-Hays Act under the aegis of the
United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational Affairs,
Office of Citizen Exchanges. Applications must be received by December
15, 2010. More details about the program and application are available

Program website:

Can E. Mutlu
Communications Director,
International Political Sociology Section, International Studies

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