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My name is Julianne Medrano and I am currently a senior Japanese Studies
major at DePaul.  A few of you, as my former or current teachers, may
already know that I spent my junior year studying abroad in Osaka,
Japan.  Now that I have returned, I am putting together an event to
promote Japan study abroad programs.  Here is the information for the
Date:  September 28
Time:  5:30pm - 7:00pm
Location: Lincoln Park Student Center - LPSC Room 312
Description:  This will be a presentation about my study abroad
experience in Japan and about how students can apply to study abroad in
Japan and what they can expect once they get there.  There will first be
a Power Point presentation on the ins and outs of study abroad,
including applications, scholarships, costs, airlines, home stay, host
families, dorms, classes, school clubs, language and any other
information people want to learn about study abroad.  Afterward, there
will be a discussion on Japan in general, based on the interests of the
audience.  I will answer any question to the best of my abilities about
Japan and my experiences living there. 
I believe that students currently studying Japanese would of course be
the most interested in such an event, so I ask that you please pass this
information along to any of your Japanese language students who may be
interested.  I would also be happy to promote the event in person in
some of the Japanese classes next week if that is preferred.  Contact me
if you have any questions, or if such event interferes with any event
from the Japanese Studies department. 
Thank you,
Julianne Medrano

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