[Intstuds10] international fashion show meeting 11/10 @6pm

Agnieszka Cikowska aavc86 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 7 15:09:26 CST 2011

There will be an INTERNATIONAL FASHION SHOW  meeting on Thursday 11/10/11 at 6pm-7pm.  I have reserved a room—O’Connell room 450 (1036 w. Belden) —for the meeting on Thursday. 
If you would like to volunteer in any capacity please come.

Agnes Cikowska
aavc86 at yahoo.com

Hello there!

My name is Agnes Cikowska and I am a 2010 graduate of DePaul’s International Studies and Econ programs.  I am emailing you because I thought your organization and/or the students in your organization might be interested in the following opportunity:
We are looking for volunteers to help out with an International Fashion Show - Fashions from around the world - that would take place in the Spring of 2012.  
We are looking for volunteers to: 
-Model clothing
-Help with music choices
-Help with finding folk wear clothing donations/rentals
-Folk wear clothing & accessories donations for the fashion show (traditional & modern) (We ware looking for clothing and/or accessories from any country in the world)
-Artists to help create visuals, posters, etc.
-Help with sound effects, lighting
-Tech guy/gal
-Backstage helpers
-Makeup artists
-Hair artists

We have so far secured funding from the International Studies program and are looking for volunteers to help out with the event; and clubs/programs to help with funding for this event.  This event will be a great way to showcase DePaul’s diverse culture of students.  Also, if possible, would Professors be able to kindly mention this opportunity to their students in their classes?  Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who would be interested.  Any questions please contact Agnes Cikowska @ aavc86 at yahoo.com or 312.375.16.66.

Thank you!
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